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I cringe every time I hear HR folks, hiring managers and recruiters say they need to hire the best people. Everyone these days seems to be so pre-occupied with wanting to find and hire the best people they can lay their hands on.

However the reality is, someone who is best for another organization may not be the best for YOUR organization or team. What works best for me does not necessarily mean it will also be the best for you. Your organization is different from mine; and my team is different from yours.

Even big, reputable HR companies are telling their clients to find and hire the best.

But the problem is this: When it comes to defining what “Best??? means, most define it as “Best skills, best qualifications and the most experienced???.

Now here’s the million dollar question: Does hiring people with the best skills, best qualifications and the most experience automatically mean that your team or your organization will become the best? Will it guarantee phenomenal success? Will it guarantee peak performance and profits for the company?

The answer is obvious. We all know that hiring the best people does not always guarantee that your team or your organization will be the best.

On the contrary, if you want your team or your organization to stand out and reach peak performance and be the best, you need The Right People™.

Hiring people who fit your organizational culture, with the right attitude, the right aptitude and the right personalities will almost always guarantee the success of your team and your organization.

Team or organizational success is not about having the best people on-board. It is about having The Right People™ on-board.

So the next time you need to hire for your team or your organization, think The Right People™; not the best people.

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April 15, 2014

2 thoughts on “The Right People™”

  1. Hiring the right people in a team is the right thing to do, it can save frustration when it comes to choose the right person for the role and when you match the candidate skills to the job requirement it will be less stress for you. And most important, hiring the right people is a key factor in the long term success in your business.

    1. Hi Hannah, Yes you are absolutely right. Getting the right people on-board will save you from a lot of frustration and stress, and it is key to long term success.

      However most people fail to go beyond looking at just skills. We must not forget to look at other more important attributes such as Cultural fit, Attitude, Aptitude and Personality. As we move higher up the corporate hierarchy, skills become less and less important, while the other attributes becomes more important.

      -Steven Lock

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