What has marketing to do with High Performance Teams?

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This statement was made by a Marketing Guru recently in one of his Facebook posts. He was talking about how companies and marketing folks are still getting it wrong when it comes to getting the right prospects that would convert to sales.

Well, if you can understand this statement, then you should have no problems understanding why you need the RIGHT people on board your team in order to create a High Performance Team!

The concept is the same!

However most people have the mistaken belief that you can build or create a High Performance Team from just any team, with anyone on board. It is not just about the processes or structure that you put in place, it is about the “quality” of the people you have on your team that makes a High Performance Team. And “quality” is not defined as just Skills, Qualifications and Experience. “Quality” is defined in terms of Cultural Fit, Attitude, Aptitude and Personality of each member of the team.

Get the wrong people on board, and your team will be rolling down the wrong path!

So how do you get the RIGHT people on board?

    1. Know exactly what type of candidate to recruit and why.
    2. Prepare, prepare, prepare — You need to prepare and structure the entire interview prior to interviewing the candidates. Never go into an interview unprepared.
    3. Know exactly what questions you need to ask and why you need to ask those questions.
    4. Execute, execute, execute — follow the interview script. Don’t deviate from your plans.

Research shows that 88% of teams out there underperform.

Is your team part of that 88%?

The ultimate question is: How do you get your team into that 12%?

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July 12, 2013

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