Coaching Skills for Managers

Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff Through Effective Coaching



In our increasingly fast-paced, globally connected world, coaching skills are important to everyone in an organisation. As managers we need to be able to get the best out of everyone we work with using
effective coaching skills, not just our direct reports.

Coaching is an effective way to improve performance and productivity, and also build relationships and more impactful collaborations across the organisation. Improving coaching skills can have a direct
positive impact on employee engagement and retention.


Benefits of Programme

    • Understand what coaching is and the benefits to both parties
    • Develop the skills for impactful coaching
    • Understand your own coaching strengths & development areas
    • Help your coachees identify where and how to develop
    • Understand the GROW framework and how to apply it
    • Develop your own Coaching Action Plan


Who Should Attend

Leaders, Managers, Supervisors.



    Challenges in Coaching

    Identify Characteristics of a Great Coach

    Coaching Skills Self­Assessment

    Choosing who to coach & discovering what they need to develop

    Communication skills ­ Active Listening

    Giving Effective Feedback

    Coaching model

    Case Studies

    Your Coaching Action Plan


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Download Brochure

March 20, 2017