The Agility-Focused Interviewing Approach™



A survey of 4000 employers in Singapore revealed that they all have a significant number of bad hires in their organizations – ranging from 10 percent to a whopping 50 percent!

Some of the reasons why organisations end up with so many bad hires include:

      • The need to fill the job quickly – 43%
      • Don’t know why they made a bad hire – 26%
      • Insufficient talent intelligence – 22%
      • Difficult to go through applications due to lack of recruiters to review applications – 10%
      • Didn’t check references – 9%

In addition, the trouble with traditional approaches to candidate interviews is that they are too rigid and structured. Popular interview approaches such as Competency-based interviews and Performance-based interviews tend to lack flexibility in the way questions are asked and how answers are processed, and therefore result in missed opportunities to identify and select the right candidates, resulting in the high number of poor hires and misfits.

The Agility-focused Interviewing Approach™ to Talent Selection will introduce flexibility and adaptability into your interview sessions, so that you will be able to side-step the shortcomings of traditional hiring approaches and maximize your chances of identifying and selecting the right talent for your organization every time, saving you time, effort and money.



  1. Develop Clarity so that you conduct highly focused interviews
  2. Master the art of crafting interview questions so that you ask highly focused and highly relevant interview questions
  3. Master the art of effective follow-up questions so that your interviews will be flexible yet highly effective
  4. Develop the ability to read your candidates so that you maximise hiring and selection accuracy
  5. Prepare highly focused interview sessions so that you minimize your time to hire



Day One

    Importance of Hiring the Right People
    Purpose of Conducting Job Interviews
    Introduction to the Three Stages of an Interview
    The Agility-focused Interviewing Approach™
    How to tell if a candidate is truthful


Day Two

    Participants will be required to apply all they have learnt during Day One into practice through role-plays.



All Managers and Leaders involved in interviewing, hiring and candidate selections;
HR Professionals;
Talent Acquisition Managers;
In-house Recruiters



    “A well organised interview course that brings fresh perspective for the participants. Good sharing and very diligent and focused role plays.”
    ~ Juliana Gim, Managing Director, International SOS


    “A very good review of techniques and theory.”
    ~ Mick Frewen, VP Operations, International SOS


    “The role plays made everyone participate and everyone had a chance to participate and communicate.”
    ~ Canice Ow, HR Executive, Canon Singapore


    “Structured, easy to follow, experiential learning through role plays and feedback from peers.”
    ~ Doreen Chng, HR Manager, UWCSEA


    “The pointers you gave are helpful and improved the quality of hires that I have.”
    ~ Frecy Bastian, HR Manager, Cambridge Industrial Trust Management Limited


    “I have conducted many job interviews. However, the course is still an eye opener for me. I now realise that there are so many things can be done to improve the effectiveness of the interview session. The topic on understanding the facial expression is both fascinating and useful. The technique can even be applied in day-to-day life. The course is well structured with easy to understand concept and process. The role play reinforced the information delivered and boosted our confidence to apply what we have learnt.”
    ~ Supply Chain Director (Name & Company withheld due to confidential agreement)


    “Useful and handy interview tips! This workshop certainly helped me reorganise how I should ask questions in subsequent recruitment. The techniques can be applied to my job and personal life as well!”
    ~ Tan Boon Kiat, Senior Internal Auditor


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October 15, 2015