The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument




Each of us is unique and has a different thinking style. There is no best style. Yet, there are definitely individual and organizational advantages when people know their thinking preferences and can use an organized framework – Whole Brain Thinking (WBT) – to capitalize on their own preferences and tap into those of others.

Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), you will understand the WHOLE BRAIN THINKING TECHNOLOGY and your thinking preferences enabling you to have an immediate insight and clarity on why you made a particular decision, why some subjects you enjoy more than others, why some type of work excite you and others do not.

Most importantly, you will be more aware of the potential of WHOLE BRAIN THINKING in dealing with everyday challenges for better results.

The HBDI is a valid and reliable questionnaire made up of 120 questions that have been researched and proven to develop your unique thinking preference. Your thinking preferences have an impact on almost everything you do, because they provide a lens by which you view the world.



At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    1. • Understand Whole Brain Thinking concepts
    2. • Understand the scores and implications of HBDI
    3. • Appreciate diversity and the way others think and communicate
    4. • Harness whole brain thinking for better team and communication and collaboration



      1. Understanding Whole Brain Thinking Technology and your personal unique thinking preference and how your preferences impact your work
      2. Effective communication / conflict resolution using Whole Brain Thinking through understanding of your audience inclination of using their left or right brain function
      3. Project management and team management based on Whole Brain Thinking
      4. Become a more creative and adaptable people manager using Whole Brain Thinking
      5. Start developing the capability to adopt WHOLE BRAIN THINKING Technology
      6. Career development and management
      7. Understand how stress affects your thinking preferences
      8. A one to one briefing with a Certified HBDI practitioner to discuss your thinking profile report and documentation guide



      1. Brain Matters
      A brief description on the characteristics of the Brain and how it functions

      2. The Whole Brain
      The Four Distinct Thinking Styles
      Exploring Herrmann’s whole brain model

      3. The HBDI
      Interpreting and understanding the HBDI scoring

      4. HBDI and Our Team
      Understanding & appreciating how thinking preferences can affect the way we work together
      Harnessing the strengths of the Team
      Minimizing frustrations
      Applying whole brain thinking to Communications
      Applying whole brain thinking to Collaboration

      5. My Profile
      Understanding my Personal Profile
      (5-10 mins individual time with Facilitator)



      • Executives
      • Project team and team leader
      • All managers, Directors and Head of Departments interested in delivering better results
      • Business Leaders
      • Those interested in understanding themselves better

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NOTE: The HBDI and PassionWorks! workshop will be facilitated by certified consultants.


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October 15, 2015