This is what Multitasking does to your brains

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I recently came across an interesting article about multitasking. The author stated that only 2% of us are truly efficient multitaskers. The rest of us mortals are just trying very hard to be like the 2% of super-taskers. The author mentioned that Super-taskers are able to multitask because of an unusual genetic trait. Unfortunately she did not elaborate of what the genetic traits are.

The author also stated that when we multi-task, our efficiency and productivity actually drops – by a whopping 40%!

So this directly implies that if you are not amongst the 2% of super-taskers, you should not multitask because it will diminish our productivity significantly. In addition, multitasking leaves us fatigued, and by the end of the workday, we feel totally exhausted.

So if get off from work feeling totally drained, it could be because you have been multitasking at work.

Even worse, multitasking actually makes you dumber! A study cited by the author indicates that our IQ drops by up to 15 points by those who emailed and text-message at the same time.

So if you don’t want to feel and look stupid, you should minimize the number of tasks you are attempting to perform at any given time.

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September 10, 2014

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